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Insurance Acceptance Criteria 

Pro-Van Hire provides full insurance cover included in the cost of hire. In order to qualify for cover, the following criteria must be met. If you do not meet these criteria the policy may be cancelled and the hire may be refused. You must ensure the information you provide is accurate to best of your knowledge, any inaccurate information may invalidate your insurance cover.

 Age Restrictions

Age 21-24

  • Must have held a full licence for a period of two years (24 months)
  • Basic Damage excess increased by £400 in the event of a claim
  • 21-22 Year olds must have a clean licence (no endorsement points)
  • 23-24 Year olds maximum of 3 points in the last 3 years

Age 25 and above must have held a full driving licence for a minimum period of a year (12 months)

Accident History

It is imperative you are accurate with disclosing Accident History, any misinformation provided may invalidate your cover. Please contact us to discuss if you are unsure.

  • Up to 1 fault accident in the last 3 years
  • 2 fault accidents in the last 3 years please contact us for details
  • We cannot accept 3 or more accidents in the last 3 years
  • 21-22 year olds must be free from any fault accidents
  • 23-24 year olds are permitted one “minor” at fault accident in the last 3 years.

 Motoring Convictions

  • Minor motoring convictions are acceptable, please contact us to discuss.
  • We can accept driving licences with up to 8 endorsement points at our discretion please contact us to discuss.
  • We cannot accept driving licences with two or more periods of disqualification.


Due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to offer insurance cover to:

  • Entertainers and Musicians (other than a classical musician)
  • Professional sportspersons
  • Persons connected with Gambling (other than as a clerical worker)
  • General Dealers, Market Traders, Street Traders
  • Scrap Metal Merchants
  • Modelling

Please contact us if any of the following apply to you:

  • Publicans and employees of licensed premises
  • UK students under 25 or any foreign student
  • Foreign Service Personnel

Excluded Hires

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide hire insurance for the following:

  • Use of rental vehicles for Business purposes other than as a self-drive hire vehicle operator.
  • Carriage of passengers for hire or reward (including taxi and chauffer driving)
  • Carriage of goods for hire or reward (including couriers, haulage and removals)
  • Racing, pacemaking, rallies, trials or speed testing.
  • Maximum hire period – Up to a maximum of 6 months in any one hire.
  • Vehicles used for or supplied for the purpose of replacement vehicles for accident management and claims management companies is excluded

Damage Collision Waiver (Motor Excess Reduction Policy) 

Damage Collision Waiver reduces your financial liability in the event of damage to and or theft of the Pro-Van Hire vehicle. If Damage Waiver is included in your reservation then the excess amount applicable is £1100.00. Damage waiver does not cover damage to Windscreens, Glass, or tyres. If Damage Waiver is not included in your booking then it is available to purchase.   

Excess Damage Protection 

Excess Damage Protection is an optional coverage that reduces your financial liability in the event of damage to and or theft of the Pro-Van Hire vehicle. Excess Damage Protection reduces the Damage Collision Waiver valid and covering the hire period.  If Excess Damage Protection is included in your reservation then the excess amount applicable is £450.00  


Damage Collision Waiver and or Excess Damage Protection, does not cover the negligent use of a vehicle. Excesses will not be reduced and you will be liable for damage, loss or theft of the vehicle for the following; if the keys, fobs or associated devices, are misplaced, lost, damaged or locked in the vehicle. Leaving the keys in the vehicle whilst unattended, using the wrong fuel, striking overhead barriers or objects, and damaging wheel rims caused by driving with a flat tyre.      

Your Insurance including, Damage Collision Waiver and or Excess Damage Protection will be cancelled, If you driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carrying more passengers than the vehicle permits, using illegal or prohibited fuel and for any illegal use of the vehicle. Use by an unauthorised or unlicensed driver, if the vehicle obtains a fault and the fault is not reported when immediately possible to do so, if any alterations, modifications or repairs are carried out to the vehicle without authorisation. Or if there is any damage the vehicles engine or electrical components caused by driving through flooded roads. The vehicle cannot be used for Hire or Reward, off-road, racing, pace-making, speed testing, driving lessons or transporting scrap waste, hazardous or toxic substances.   

Hirer Insurance Conditions 

You can add our vehicles to your already existing fleet or business insurance policy.

Pro-Van Hire will provide the hirer, the vehicle registration number (VRN) for the use of adding to existing insurance policies or obtaining short term insurance.  A VRN will be provided by e-mail or phone after the van reservation process has been completed.  

The vehicle is hired expressly upon the condition that the hirer will have pre-arranged a policy of fully comprehensive insurance to be in force throughout the entire period of hire. The hirer is responsible for adhering to the following insurance conditions and that they are accordingly responsible for arranging insurance. 

The Hirer acknowledges: 

  1. That the vehicle has been hired subject to the hirer arranging for a fully comprehensive policy of insurance (“the policy”) to be in force throughout the entire rental period 
  2. The hirer shall comply with the requirements of the policy  
  3. If the hirer’s insurers fail to provide cover or grant an indemnity under the policy in respect of any claim made, then the hirer shall be in breach of this term and will be required to pay these charges and then seek compensation themself from their carrier. 
  4. A copy of the insurance policy will need to be presented to Pro-Van Hire prior to the hire commencing.  

The Hirer may wish to determine if the personal coverage is adequate to cover damage, theft, loss of revenue, administration fees, diminishment of value, and any towing, storage or impound fees. 


Full Terms and Conditions

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