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Terms and Conditions


Additional Driver: means any driver other than you who is authorised by us to drive the Vehicle in accordance with these Conditions.

Booking: means your request to hire a Vehicle from us.

Business Customer: means a business, firm, partnership or company that has a corporate hire agreement with us.

Business Hours: office opening hours

Conditions: these terms and conditions as amended from time to time as appropriate

Contract: the legal agreement between us and you

Delivery and Pick-up service means the delivery of the Vehicle by us to a location we agree with you in advance and the pickup of the Vehicle by us at the end of the Rental Period as specified in the Booking and your confirmation of the Reservation.

Delivery Window means the two-hour period we will deliver and collect the vehicle from you.

Optional Extras: those items selected by you at the time of Booking. A full list of optional extras can be found during the booking process.

Optional Extra Fees: means the fees for hiring the Optional Extras (or any one of them) from us, as set out in the booking invoice.

Pre-Paid Amount: means the sum paid by you at the time of placing a booking, as specified by us, towards the hire of the Vehicle.

Product Fee means the fees for the Products you select to purchase from us in relation to your hire of the Vehicle as set out in the Reservation and the Rental Agreement.

Rental Agreement: the agreement setting out the particulars of the Vehicle you hire from us and to which these Conditions apply.

Rental Fees: means our fees payable by you for the hire of the Vehicle including, where applicable, any Optional Extra Fees, Products, Premium Location Fees, fees for Additional Drivers.

Rental Period: the period which the vehicle is out on hire to the business customer

Required Documents: means for UK Residents: a full driving licence valid for the entire Rental Period, utility bill or bank statement not older than 3 months at the time of vehicle delivery, DVLA Licence check code and CVC code.

Reservation: means your reservation of a Vehicle for the Rental Period specified by you at the time of Booking, now confirmed as a reservation once paid and personal details uploaded and verified. You will receive a reservation confirmation.

Security Deposit: deposit required for the vehicle prior to hire, returned upon collection of the vehicle provided there are no costs likely to be incurred by us as a result of the hire.

Vehicle: means the van that you have agreed to rent from us for the Rental Period, as set out in the Rental Agreement (or any replacement that we provide). This includes its keys and all parts and accessories present within the Vehicle from the commencement of the Rental Period.

Vehicle Condition Report: means the additional report which is separate to the Rental Agreement that we complete which sets out the condition of the Vehicle at the time you take possession of it from us, which we can provide to you where you request this from us., this is also completed again upon pick up of the vehicle from you.

We/us/our: Pro-Van Hire Ltd, registered in England and Wales with company number 10475809

You/your: means the person or Business Customer that rents the Vehicle from us and is named on the Rental Agreement.


Your contract with us

Please read this agreement carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, ask a member of staff to explain it. When you sign our rental agreement, you accept the conditions set out in this rental agreement.

Rental Agreement.

The Contract is made between you and us and sets out our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us when renting a Vehicle and any Optional Extras. The Contract is made up of the following documents:

(a) the Rental Agreement;

(b) these Conditions; and

(c) the Vehicle Condition Report.

At the point you complete your Reservation by completing the on-line booking form and clicking the BOOK NOW button, we agree to use all reasonable efforts to make a vehicle from the Vehicle Group you have selected available for you to hire for the Rental Period. In the unlikely event that we are not able to make a vehicle from that particular Vehicle Group available, we will provide you with an alternative vehicle of equivalent similar specification within a higher Vehicle Group.

You agree that:

(a) Until the Contract is formed our only obligation to you is in respect of the Reservation;

(b) You will be bound by the full Rental Agreement and these Conditions if and when the Contract is formed with us.

You agree that we may elect at our discretion to pass your reservation to another car rental business (Partner Organisation) with which we have a referral arrangement in place. In this case, we are acting as an agent for that Partner Organisation and once we have passed your reservation over to them, this means

(a) we have no further legal obligations or liability to you

(b) the Rental Agreement for the hire of the Vehicle will be between you and the Partner Organisation and will be made on the applicable rental terms and conditions of that Partner Organisation and you will need to agree and accept those applicable rental terms and conditions before any contract for rental comes into existence.

The Contract is only formed when we allow you to take possession of the keys to the Vehicle. We will not do so unless and until we deliver a Vehicle to you and you provide the Required Documents, a valid deposit or credit card approval has been made on your payment card, you have agreed the Vehicle Condition Report and we are satisfied that you meet our rental criteria and these Conditions.

By taking possession of the keys to the Vehicle, you:

(a) accept the terms of the Rental Agreement;

(b) accept these Conditions; and

(c) agree with the vehicle condition report

By entering in to the Contract, you agree to:

(a) rent the Vehicle, including any replacement vehicles and Optional Extras for the Rental Period;

(b) pay the Rental Fees (as well as any fees for the extension of the Rental Period (where applicable) or any fees attributable to the purchase of Optional Extras); and

(c) pay relevant administration charges, fees, theft and damage charges, toll charges, parking, traffic or other fines or charges, reasonable court costs and/or any other reasonable charges, in the circumstances set out within these Conditions.

If you are a Business Customer, by signing the Rental Agreement, you confirm you have the relevant company’s authority to enter into the Contract. In the event that there is a conflict between the terms of the Contract and your business’s contractual agreements and/or terms, the terms of the corporate master agreement between you and us shall prevail.

We reserve the right to amend these Conditions from time to time (including any administrative fees that we are entitled to charge as set out in these Conditions) upon giving you not less than thirty days prior written notice.


The Vehicle.

We must provide the vehicle and all mandatory safety equipment (‘vehicle’) in a roadworthy condition, properly taxed and licenced. The driver is not a third party for these purposes and is not covered by this insurance. You must return the vehicle and optional extras in the same condition as provided, excepting fair wear and tear. Please check the vehicle thoroughly before you accept collection of the vehicle.

Please ask us to rectify the vehicle condition report if there is any unrecorded damage; if the fuel levels are marked incorrectly; if the vehicle registration, insurance certificates, incident report form or any mandatory safety or security equipment is not present in the vehicle.


Rental Period.

You are responsible for the vehicle and any optional extras for the duration of the rental period:

  1. a) Your rental period starts when we deliver (‘check-out’) the vehicle and ends when we collect the vehicle and keys from you (‘check-in’).
  2. b) You must arrange collection of the vehicle during office hours to a return agent at the agreed return rental location. If you choose to leave before we check–in the vehicle, you do so at your own risk and remain responsible until check-in.


Extending the Rental Period

If you wish to extend the Rental Period, please contact us as soon as possible, and at the latest before the end date and time of your Rental Period. On receipt of your request to extend the Rental Period we will do our best to assist you with this request, although it is possible that another customer will have booked the Vehicle to use straight after the expiry of the Rental Period.

Where you want to extend the Rental Period for up to 84 days we have the right to require you to come back to our website and agree a new Contract and possibly arrange to exchange the Vehicle. We may require an additional deposit together with the relevant method of payment for the extended Rental Period.

We will not agree an extension which means that the Rental Period exceeds 84 days. If you require a vehicle for more than 84 days, you must return the Vehicle under your existing Contract prior to the expiry of the Rental Period and, you must enter into another Contract with us for that new Rental Period.

Where the Rental Period has expired and you have not returned the Vehicle to us within two hours of the expiry of the Rental Period, we may repossess the Vehicle. If Pro-Van Hire Ltd repossess the Vehicle you must pay any reasonable expenses we incur in the process of repossession. If we have the right to repossess the Vehicle you give us permission to access your premises to do so.

If you fail to extend the Rental Period and you are more than 30 minutes late returning the Vehicle, you will be charged damages to compensate us for the loss of use of the Vehicle (at an equivalent rate of the daily Rental Fee at the current pay at location prices) together with a late return processing fee as notified to you over the telephone / as set out on our website for each day until the Vehicle is returned to us.

Please note that your obligations in relation to the Vehicle continue until you return the Vehicle to us, notwithstanding that the Rental Period may have come to an end.



You must pay the amounts on the rental agreement for the vehicle and for any optional extras for the rental period. You must pay for any extensions to the rental period, including for optional extras that you agreed to. You must pay for theft and damage costs, specialist cleaning charges, towing fees, toll charges, parking, traffic or other fines and charges and related administration and processing fees, if due in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Vehicle Use:

You must:

(i) exercise all reasonable care and skill when using the vehicle,

(ii) use the vehicle according to the laws of the country in which you are driving,

(iii) use the vehicle in a lawful manner and for lawful purposes,

(iv) use the correct fuel,

(v) lock the vehicle when you are not using it and ensure that all windows, roof openings, removable roof panels or hood are properly closed,

(vi) stop using the vehicle immediately, if safe to do so, and notify us soon as you become aware of a fault with the vehicle.

You must not:

(i) use the vehicle for any commercial purposes; for any motorsport (recreational or professional) or a related activity; off-road; tow another vehicle or trailer; transport flammable, explosive, corrosive or combustive materials, except for mineral essence oils

or similar products as permitted by applicable law and fuel or gas necessary for the operation of the vehicle;

(ii) allow any person other than an authorised driver to use the vehicle.

You may only drive in the countries permitted by us. If you drive a vehicle having an EU member state registration outside the EU or a vehicle with a non-EU member state registration into an EU member state, you must not use the vehicle in the foreign country for longer than is allowed according to the applicable laws.


Accidents, Theft and Damage.

If the vehicle has been involved in an accident or damage event, even if no third party was involved must notify us immediately and complete and return the incident report form to us within 24 hours.

If the vehicle is lost, stolen or damaged you must, to the extent an in which the law allows, pay the excess stated in this rental agreement, any taxes and our damage- or theft-processing fee (unless you have purchased additional waivers to further reduce your excess).

If a claim under the insurance policy is required and you took the insurance policy out directly we will require you to give permission to the insurer for Pro-Van Hire Ltd to act on your behalf using the details you have provided. We will try to recover the excess and other charges from the party at fault if you are able to show that the damage, theft or loss is not attributable to your fault, deliberate breach, fraudulence or gross negligence (to the extent such terms are used under the applicable law). To help us, you must provide us a properly completed incident report form, including the contact details of the other parties involved, within 24 hours of the incident. To the extent the law allows, we will charge a fee to cover our costs in having to contact you to obtain a properly completed incident report form.

You are not liable for any loss or damage charges to the extent attributable to our failure to maintain the vehicle or covered under a manufacturer warranty.



Pro-Van Hire Ltd provides insurance cover for the duration of the hire period included in the cost of hire. You will need to meet the insurance criteria for this to be valid. For full insurance details and liabilities please visit our insurance page on



Waivers reduce the amount you have to pay to the stated excess if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. Our rates include a basic level of waiver and we will not charge you more than the stated excess plus taxes (if applicable and our damage- or theft processing fee unless your excess does not apply. You can further reduce the excess by purchasing additional waivers. Your excess will not apply if the loss or damage is attributable to

  • your deliberate or fraudulent act, omission or gross negligence (to the extent that such terms are used under the applicable law) or
  • a deliberate breach of Vehicle Use and or Accidents, Thefts and Damage.

If your excess does not apply, we will be entitled to claim losses or damages against you in an amount equal to the severity of the negligence up to the full amount of the damage or loss we have incurred or will incur (whichever is the greater), to the extent allowed under applicable law.


Fines and Charges.

You must pay for any parking charges or traffic fines incurred during the rental period related to your use of the vehicle. You must pay our processing fee to cover our time in dealing with these fines or charges.



You must make the vehicle available for collection with the same amount of fuel as was in the vehicle at time of Delivery to you. If you do not return the vehicle with the same level of fuel, you must pay for the fuel you have used at our ‘Pay on Return’ fuel rate.


Additional Drivers and Passengers.

You are responsible for ensuring that any additional drivers you have added to the rental

agreement or any passengers that you allow in the vehicle observe these terms and conditions. You are responsible for any costs or charges we incur because an additional driver or passenger does not comply with these terms and conditions.


Changes to your Rental.

You must pay for any increase in prices if you change the rental period or if you exceed the agreed mileage. You must pay a one-way fee if you arrange collection of the vehicle to a different location than that defined in the reservation.


Early Returns.

If you return the vehicle and any optional extras early, you will lose the benefit of any special offers if you no longer meet their requirements. This may result in the rental costing you more. There is no refund for any unused days.


Late Returns.

Unless agreed differently, you must arrange return (collection) of the vehicle and any optional extras at the time/date and location stated on the rental agreement. If you think you will be late, it is in your interest to request an extension from us. If you are late, on the third day after your return date, we will pre-authorise payment for an additional 5 days’ rental charge on your debit card or, 10 days if you are using a credit card, at “pay at location” prices. If you return the vehicle within those 5 or 10 days (whichever applies), you will only be charged for your actual rental days, plus any other charges you owe us.



We pre-authorise an amount on your payment card. This holds an amount on your payment card so you should ensure there are sufficient funds available, as we will only process payment at the end of the rental, be aware it can take up to 14 days for your bank to release the ‘held’ money back to you.



When you sign the rental agreement, you are agreeing for us to charge all the costs you incurred during the rental period to your payment card.



Vehicles may be fitted with geo-location systems and tracking devices to locate our vehicles in case a vehicle is stolen or not returned to the rental location, or to locate a vehicle in case of accident or breakdown.


Use of your personal information.

We use your personal information to:

(a) provide the rental services to you and

(b) decide whether to provide future rental services to you.

We will provide your personal information, to the extent the law allows and if necessary with your express consent, to:

  1. a) enforcement / local authorities and parking companies if they have the right to that information and the law allows us to or to verify the validity of your driving licence.
  2. b) to third parties who act on our behalf in claims administration, in collecting monies that you owe us and in conducting customer surveys which we use for improving our services to you.

You have a legal right to access the personal information we hold about you (subject to payment of a fee, if allowed by law), and, if justified, you may to ask for any personal information to be corrected, modified, blocked or removed. The data controller is the vehicle rental provider, as named on the rental agreement.


Lost Property.

We will do our best to contact you if we find any personal belongings in the vehicle. Any items containing personal or financial information will be disposed of within 28 days in accordance with our privacy policies and the General Conditions of Rental. All other items will be disposed of within 7 days.


Applicable law.

The applicable law governing the contract between you and us will be the law applicable in the country where you picked up the vehicle and where the rental agreement was entered into


Delivery and Pick-up Service

Following receipt of your Booking we will contact you to confirm the delivery and pick-up location and the Delivery Window.

If we are not able to contact you using the details that you inputted when making the Booking will automatically

be cancelled and we shall have no liability to you.

We will agree a delivery window with you for the delivery of your Vehicle to the agreed location as specified in your Booking, the minimum advance notice for delivery of the Vehicle is 24 hours.

You must be available during the Delivery Window to take delivery of the Vehicle and for the pick-up of the Vehicle, at the time of delivery of the Vehicle you must bring the payment card used to make your Booking along with the original copies of your personal details uploaded during the reservation process. We use your personal details and payment card as a form of identify check to ensure that we give the Vehicle to the person who made the booking.

When we deliver the Vehicle to you it will be delivered with fuel. You are then responsible for fuel consumption during the Rental Period, the fuel tank must have the same amount at the time we collect the vehicle from you, there will be no refund or reimbursement for any additional fuel remaining in the vehicle at the point of collection, please see ‘Fuel’ section above


Inspecting the vehicle on Delivery

The Vehicle has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended standards and will be roadworthy at Delivery. Any existing damage to the Vehicle will be stated on the Rental Agreement or, the Vehicle Condition Report. When you take collection of the Vehicle you should inspect it. If there is any damage, other than Minor Damage, you must make sure it is recorded on the Rental Agreement or, where you have requested one, the Vehicle Condition Report. You will be responsible and liable for any damage to the Vehicle which was not recorded on the Vehicle Condition Report.


Returning the vehicle and condition on Pick-up

We will inspect the Vehicle upon pick-up for any damage or changes in condition from that which was described in the Vehicle Condition Report at the time of the Vehicle delivery or which you notified to us. If you are unable or refuse to complete the inspection with us, we will inspect the Vehicle in your absence and notify you of our findings and include any relevant photographs of such damage we find in our inspection for you to review.

Some damage may not be apparent at the post-rental inspection, such as mechanical damage (for example in areas such as the engine, fuel tank or clutch) or damage hidden by adverse light or weather conditions. If we find any such damage we will notify you with evidence of the same. You should use all reasonable efforts to arrange collection of the Vehicle with us during our opening hours. If we agree that you are able to arrange collection of the Vehicle and any Optional Extras outside of our opening hours, this will be on the condition that you will remain liable for any damage caused to the Vehicle until one of our employees takes possession of the Vehicle.

You must:

(a) leave any Optional Extras in the boot or glove box;

(b) secure the Vehicle as near the agreed pick up location as possible; and

(c) be available to hand over the keys to the vehicle and sign the vehicle damage report.

By taking possession of the keys to the Vehicle, you agree to return the Vehicle to us at the agreed location specified in the Rental Agreement. If the Vehicle is returned to Pro-Van Hire Ltd at an alternative location, you will be liable for any reasonable costs incurred by us to travel to the Vehicle to carry out collection.

The Vehicle should be returned to us with the same amount of fuel. If the Vehicle is returned to us with less fuel, you will be liable to pay us for the fuel required to fill the fuel tank to the level at which the Vehicle was delivered and you will be charged at the rate defined in the fuel section of the Fees policy.

If you return the Vehicle and any Optional Extras back to us early you will not be entitled to a refund for any unused periods. If we have agreed to collect the Vehicle and keys from you, the Vehicle must be parked in a suitable place to allow the collection, without the imposition of any fines or penalties. We recommend that you are present for the inspection we carry out upon return of the Vehicle and any Optional Extras, so that any damage to the vehicle can be agreed. If you are not present for inspection, we will inspect the Vehicle and Optional Extras in your absence and, if we find any damage, we will notify you of the amount you are required to pay. You agree that we may charge your payment card for this amount. You will not be liable for this amount if you can show the damage occurred after the end of the Rental Agreement. Please note, when you sign the Rental Agreement, you authorise us to take payment for damage if necessary and we may automatically charge your payment card for this.

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