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DVLA Licence Check Code

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The paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence was abolished on 8 June 2015 and has no legal status. The changes affect driving licences in England, Scotland and Wales. There are different rules in Northern Ireland, where the paper counterpart is still needed.

For rental bookings starting on and after 8th June 2015, where you require a Pro-Van Hire vehicle and/or insurance, Pro-Van Hire will have to check your entitlements and endorsements using the DVLA “Share My Licence” service.

For us to be able to do this, you must acquire a Check Code from the website and share this with us before you collect your vehicle. We will then use this code to validate your entitlements and endorsements

Details of these changes and how to use this service are provided here

Alternatively our customer service representatives are able to assist you in obtaining a check code. For us to do this you must have your driver’s licence and national insurance number.

 Get Check Code

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