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Height, Width & Weight Restrictions When Driving Vans and LCVs

  • Always read and check all restriction signs carefully to ensure the vehicle can pass beyond that point. Although one restriction may look similar to another, they vary in size.
  • Approach all width restrictions straight on. There is a high chance that damage can be caused to the side of the van if you approach the restriction at angle. You should attempt another route if you cannot approach a restriction head on.
  • Where necessary, safe and possible to do so, pull in the driver’s side mirror, for more space to steer between width restrictions. When with a passenger, ask them to pull in the mirror on their side.
  • Always get out of the vehicle to check the actual height of restrictions, before passing under any, should you feel the vehicle roof will come close to the barrier. Or the restriction size is similar to the vehicle size. Where possible have someone watch the vehicle as you drive under the restriction to ensure it passes safely.
  • Van loads must not exceed the axle or gross weight limits, it is an offence to do so. Weight limits include, the weight of the van, the driver, any passengers, fuel and its load. Overloading a van can impact on a van’s driving performance and lead to increased stopping distances, difficulty in steering and potentially tipping over. It will also cause excessive wear & tear to a van affecting tyres, suspension and brakes.
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